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November 1, 2021[INQ. NO. 2111C01] Bebefood Meal Pouch 2flavors is a pouch-type product with a built-in straw, which allows children to hold and consume on their own, making it a convenient baby food regardless of time and place. Having acquired HACCP certification, it is made in compliance with the high standards of baby food for infants and toddlers in Korea and China, and is safe from microorganisms and artificial sweeteners. It is also registered in the food-traceability-system for processes from the manufacturing/processing to the distribution, increasing the reliability of the product.
Using only 100% Korean ingredients this product, is composed of two types. The puree type suitable for the age of 6 months has a soft formulation that can be crushed with the gums, and it is also suitable as a snack for infants aged 6 months or older. The porridge type for 7 months of age is made of particles that are suitable for chewing by infants who are starting to develop baby teeth. It also contains glutinous rice powder, making it an easy-to-digest baby food.

Baby Food for Infants

Baby Food for InfantsBebefood Elderberry Juice is a baby drink made from elderberry extract, which is known to be good for strengthening immunity. It has been proved to have three times higher antioxidant level than that of blueberries through a USDA Study of Food Antioxidants. Elderberry, which was used to treat colds in Europe, has been sold in the market in the form of concentrated syrup. Bebefood Elderberry Juice is manufactured with a sugar content and concentration suitable for the taste of infants, so the nutrition in Elderberry can be easily consumed without dilution.

Baby Food for Infants


In addition, this sugar-free drink offers a healthy sweet taste with fructooligosaccharide and Korean apples, and is a product that focuses on strengthening immunity by containing vitamin C. The packaging in the form of a pouch with a built-in straw makes it convenient to drink, and the taste is not too strong, so it is a healthy drink that children can drink cold or warm. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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