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November 2, 2021[INQ. NO. 2111C06] Newly grown fluffy hairs can be identified within two weeks after using the product, and within one month, they grow into hairs visible to the naked eye.

Hair Tonic
2Weeks Miracle Hair Tonic is an upgraded version of the NADRA product, which reduces the hair-growing time. It shows a recovery rate of about 70% (when using the product for four to six months) compared to before the onset of hair-loss. It is recommended to spray a proper amount directly on the depilated area and gently massage it.
For strong hair roots and charming hair, 2Weeks Miracle Hair Tonic provides high-concentration of natural nourishment to the scalp, thus reducing hair loss and encouraging hair growth rapidly. This product has no side effect or skin stimulation.

2Weeks Miracle Hair Tonic

2Weeks Miracle Shampoo has functions of suppressing the secretion of scalp oil, disinfection of scalp and pores, preventing scalp keratinization. Containing hair treatment ingredients, it does not require rinsing and can be used for sensitive scalps and pregnant women.
It is possible to use for the scalp and pores, disinfection of scalp and pores, scalp keratophoresis, adding hair treatment ingredients (no rinse use), for sensitive scalp and pregnant women, shampoo, and massage the scalp.

2Weeks Miracle Shampoo

Certified by KFDA, this product is composed of various natural herbal plants including Dexpanthenol, Salicylic acid, L-menthol, Sophora root, Turmeric, paeony root and various other herbal extractions that maintain the oil and moisture balance to promote hair growth.
AIMAT Co., Ltd. produces various anti-hair and hair care products. Based on a vast database of natural medicinal plants, AIMAT has a key technology for dramatically improving the active ingredients and regenerating the improved functional ingredients.


With no chemical raw materials used such as minoxyl (minoxidil), propecia, finasteride, microgen, and leaven, the physical and mental side effects have been minimized by using natural medicinal plants and blending ratios. In addition, in order to prevent the antimicrobial problem of natural medicinal plants, antimicrobial and sterilization treatment by gamma irradiation was performed to ensure the stability of the product. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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