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November 11, 2021[INQ. NO. 2111C40] G.KIDA Portable Survival Multi Kit is as small as the palm of the hand and lightweight at 100g. Unlike the existing first aid kits on the market that are heavy, inconvenient to carry, and difficult to respond immediately to emergency situations, this product can be hung outside the bag, so it can be used instantly.
G.KIDA kit consists of eight types of disaster supplies, including simple disinfection supplies, LED lamps, luminous sticks, whistle, sugar, rain gear, and ICE cards for identification. The strap to hang the kit has luminous and reflective functions, so it can be attached to a bag or carrier to quickly respond to power outages and nighttime situations.
G.KIDA Smart Tracker, when connected to the dedicated application in advance, can transmit SOS signals and location information to the guardian just by pressing a button in an emergency. By hanging the kit in the bag, the vibration sensor detects movement of somebody attempting to take it, with the application and device simultaneously make a warning sound to protect one’s valuables. This product is scheduled to be re-launched in 2022 after upgrading the linkage.

Safety & Emergency Supplies

G.KIDA LED whistle is an all-in-one product that combines a lamp and a whistle. It has a design favored by people of all ages will like since it is easy to hang on clothes and items, and it has practicality with its small but excellent function.

Safety & Emergency Supplies

These products are exported to countries affected by earthquakes and various disasters, such as the United States and Japan. Currently, it is available on global platforms including Amazon, eBay, and Shopee.

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