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November 25, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C10] Deeprove Ceramide NP is a V-label vegan-certified product that strengthens the skin barrier and contains an average of 95% or more natural ingredients.
Deeprove Ceramide NP Cream, which contains 100% ceramide NP (10,000ppm) found in Jeju nutmeg tree seed oil, helps protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Its pudding- and jelly-like texture makes it highly moisturizing and lets the skin absorb the product as soon as it is applied.
Deeprove Ceramide NP Liposome Ampoule is made entirely from natural ingredients and helps keep the skin barrier healthy without irritating the skin. It also contains as much as 60% ceramide NP liposome, which has a high absorption rate.
It has been proved through a clinical trial to strengthen the skin barrier as well as soothe damaged skin (SLS).
Deeprove Ceramide NP Acne Bubble Cleanser, a product that contains 99.20% natural ingredients has bubbles like cotton candy that remove skin waste and also has a certificate for treating acne.


Deeprove Ceramide NP

KBIDI Co., Ltd. is a company with a one-step system that manages everything from the cultivation of raw materials to production in its factory certified by the ISO and also by the Natural Product Research Center. The Company’s philosophy is to boost the original power of the skin, bringing it to a perfect equilibrium by only using ingredients that have been acknowledged by the Natural Product Research Center for their efficacy among all natural ingredients found on Jeju, an island known for its clean environment.

Deeprove Ceramide NP
Deeprove, the Company’s brand, is a skin-boosting product with unrivaled competitiveness made of eco-friendly ceramide NP found in oil extracted from the seeds of Jeju nutmeg trees. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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