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November 25, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C06] The beauty brand SANTE contains guaiazulene that is good for skin soothing, and highly concentrated chamomile flower extract, which quickly soothes and replenishes moisture to the skin dried out by various harmful environments.
Consisting of mist, essence, ampoule, and mask pack, it is supplied to dermatology clinics, Oriental clinics, and satisfies esthetics with expert solution consulting, and is exported worldwide.

Industrial, Shipbuilding & Marine Engine Parts
Founded in 2006, BOGO Co., Ltd., a specialized trading company, focuses on environmental and industrial plants, while exporting various industrial machinery parts as well as shipbuilding equipment and marine engine parts to leading companies in Europe, Japan, China, and Indonesia.


The beauty brand SANTE

Its business includes trading equipment for marine and land industrial plants, trading of machinery & spare parts, steel structure, manpower dispatch (technical support on design, engineering, etc.), meeting incentives convention events and exhibitions, and supplying consumer goods including cosmetics.
BOGO, a trading company that handles various products according to the customer’s needs, and can either change or expand the type of item it carries according to what the customer wishes. It was able to record over US$200 million in exports within a short period of time based on its skilled and experienced employees.

The beauty brand SANTE
The company has led the planning of a variety of export consultation events held in Korea and Japan, as well as overseas exhibitions, and also has been responsible for contacting participants, organizing interpreters, and acting as an event marketing agency. The company is showing stronger performance and expanding its scope over time as it adapts well to the changes brought about by Covid-19, such as video conferencing.

The beauty brand SANTE | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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