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November 26, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C16] Made using patented technology to penetrate key peptides essential for skin lifting and anti-aging, GENEREX Derma Tox Lifting Complex Ampoule is a cosmetics product with ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin without additional help. It is a brightening and wrinkle improvement product that’s unlike any other in terms of its effectiveness.
Containing freeze-dried triple peptide (NR-FGF2, NR-EGF, NR-Botulinum) applying the permeation patented technology, mixed with a nutritional solution containing PDRN, hydrolyzed collagen, and hyaluronic acid, its efficacy is preserved wholly until it is used by break-opening the ampoule.
One 15ml ampoule is for two-week use to manage wrinkles, elasticity, skin-barrier, skin-soothing and moisturization by freshly using the freeze-dried peptides once every two weeks. Considering its pleasant, thin non-greasy texture, it is ideal for use all year round.
GENEREX Derma Tox Firming Enriched Cream is a triple-peptide intensive care program cream comprising proprietary patented technology, the core peptides for skin lifting and anti-aging ‒ mixed with high-concentration, high-moisturizing nutrients including squalane, fair butter, hydrolyzed cola, and hyaluronic acid.

GENEREX Derma Tox Lifting Complex Ampoule

As it comes inside an airless container that blocks exposure to air and the product inside is dispensed through pumping without coming in contact with the hand, this product is sanitary and safe. it is safe to use for all types of skin since it passed the skin irritation test.

As a high-hydration and high-nutrition cream product, it instantly fills the skin with bursting hydration. After absorption, the skin gets a natural glowing complexion and becomes silky and rejuvenated. In addition, since it is neither greasy, nor sticky, although highly moisturizing, it is ideal for use regardless of the season. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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