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Personal Smart Urine Analyzer | Korean Products

November 26, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C17] Licote®, developed by Braintech Co., consists of Licote® Analyzer and application. By harmonization of the analyzer and application, it is to read color changes of various chemical components (i.e. nitrite, ketones, protein, SG, etc.) in urine and to analyze the color changes for detection of adult diseases such as kidney diseases, urinary tract infection, liver diseases, etc.
Licote® is a multi-purposed smart personal urine analyzer for the whole family can use and it is also available to test for pets’ health, water quality, active oxygen, UTI, etc.
In addition, when telemedicine systems become accustomed in daily life, Licote® could be the best medical device for a patient’s health checkup. This is because a self-urinalysis test is available at home, through which medical counselings are provided by medical doctors through the telemedicine systems.
Licote® was certified by CE and approved by KFDA and the U.S. FDA in 2021.
When the color-detection sensor attached to the urine analyzer reads the color changes of the 10 urine test strips and sends the results to a smartphone application, the application analyzes the changes in color and shows the results on the screen. The results are then saved in the database.
Users can also utilize the application to check detailed explanations of each of the inspection items as well as possible illnesses. In addition, the machine, designed to meet IP68 standards, is convenient to use and maintain as users can simply wash away and remove urine remaining after the inspection. It can be charged with a Type-C USB, wirelessly, or with a phone charger that users have at home. (However, the test should not be taken while the machine is being charged). Braintech Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. It is a company that leads tech innovation, eco-friendly management, and customer satisfaction with competitiveness in the PBA business that applies electric and electronic technology and self-diagnostic medical devices that meet global standards based on advanced quality management.

Personal Smart Urine Analyzer

Its main products are a control board, a telegraphic repeater through ODM design as well as OEM manufacturing, and an easy-to-use smart personal urine analyzer. In addition, we are now under the development of personalized smart pillows and portable isothermal nucleic acid amplifying molecular diagnostic devices.
The company is currently in the process of signing partnership with companies in various countries including the UAE, Latin America, and Vietnam for exporting its products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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