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November 29, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C33] Link Pad is a smart multi-controller that functions as a keyboard, mouse, and remote controller. With a lightweight of 130g and a compact size of 147*115*20mm to fit in a pocket, it can be conveniently carried anywhere, anytime.
It is compatible with various smart devices such as smart TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and beam projectors. And it can be remotely controlled by inserting a detachable dongle into the USB port of a smart device.
Anyone can use it easily and conveniently by using the touchpad and keypad to execute commands with the click of a button and the cursor automatically created on the display screen.
Alkaliser is a portable tumbler that turns regular drinking water into healthy alkaline water. Alkaline water is ordinary water that has undergone a reduction in hydrogen ions, which increases the natural pH of the water from an acidic or neutral pH level to a healthy alkaline pH level.


Daily Convenience Products

This product can produce alkaline water in just one minute by shaking it lightly for just 60 seconds. And the water so made can improve the pH level to 8.5-9.5.
FDA-certified, Alkaliser is a proven product that has a detoxifying effect, improves the metabolism and boosts immunity.

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