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Eco-Friendly Kids’ Play Mat | Korean Products

November 29, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C40] ALZiPMAT ECO Color Folder is a product designed for children to play freely without worrying about inter-floor noise and any safety related accidents. The playmat is hazardous substances free.
The manufacturer continuously research and develop products to improve the safety by implementing numerous feedbacks received from customers. In time, the brand has established itself as the leader in the children playmat industry in Korea and given the nickname, “People’s Mat”.
ALZiPMAT ECO Color Folder is currently exported to 16 countries, and is the first to receive the Korea ECO-Label, an eco-friendly certification granted by the Ministry of Environment, in the industry. The playmat as also acquired numerous international certifications such as FDA, ASTM (USA), and CE (Europe).


Eco-Friendly Kids’ Play Mat

Eco-Friendly Kids’ Play Mat
ECO Color Folder is made from patented PE foam and PU leather which does not include DMF or Toluene, which are known to be hazardous substances.
The PE foam is composed of nine layers with an egg-shape structure that dramatically reduces shock and noise. The basic thickness of this mat is 4cm.

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