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November 29, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C37] DOUBLE T is a jewelry brand named after the mythical animal, the TORTOISE, symbolizing longevity and good fortune.
Comprising the letter T formatively and iconically, DOUBLE T conveys a trendy sense with three-dimensional shapes further enhancing the value of the design.
The DOUBLE T Round Tennis Bracelet is a tennis bracelet featuring a three-dimensional double T. This iconic product with a solid clasp decoration can easily be opened and closed, and features the brilliance of cubic zirconia.
Its colors include silver (glossy), satin silver (matte), and lemon gold (plated, polished).
The DOUBLE T Stacking Pinky Ring is a basic ring with a double T on a two-line ring. Its colors include silver (glossy), satin silver (matte), and lemon gold (plated, polished).
DOUBLE T Two-Tone Pendant Necklace is a basic pendant necklace with a gold color and a double T. Chic and modern, it can go well with any style. As for the color, the pendant is lemon gold and the chain is silver.

DOUBLE T Two-Tone Pendant Necklace
TORTOISE Silver Jewelry is made with rhodium plating on silver 925 to prevent discoloration of silver and features strong scratch resistance.
First introduced in 2019 through an online shopping mall, it was sold through distribution channels such as ABLY, BRANDI, 10X10, and IDUS. TORTOISE has established a global network that covers Korea and other countries and expanded into the USA the largest target among all markets, with its items and brands after first beginning to export to Amazon from 2020. It is now moving full speed ahead to build its presence in the Japanese market and in addition, has started developing new products and distribution channels in Singapore.

The DOUBLE T Stacking Pinky Ring

The DOUBLE T Round Tennis Bracelet | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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