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Small Hive Beetle Entrance Trap | Korean Products

November 29, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C45] A small beehive beetle lives in the hive when it is an egg or larva, and eats and excrete wax, honey, and bee larvae, causing great damage to bees. They come back into the hive to lay eggs. It comes out of the hive, goes into the ground to become a pupa and then imago, and comes back to the hive to lay eggs.
Most of the existing small hive beetle traps can capture adult beetles by using an attractant or oil after an already-adult beetle comes into the hive, in which way it is possible to capture only some of the adults attracted to the attractant or oil, rather than all of them.
Moreover, careless spilling of oil can cause great damage to bees, and requires a lot of labor of opening and closing the lids of many hives for installation, replenishment of attractants or oil, and confirmation of capture.
The Small Hive Beetle Entrance Trap produced by Donggureung Bee Research Laboratory can be installed at the entrance to the hive to capture all the adult small hive beetles entering the hive.
It captures small beehive beetles entering the hive without the need for an attractant.

Small Hive Beetle Entrance Trap
Although being a plastic product, it is strongly resistant against corrosion by containing sunscreen. Installed at the entrance to the hive, it is not necessary to open and close the hive lid every time for maintenance, saving a lot of labor.
This is especially convenient for retrieving and installing the entire trap when applying mobile beekeeping.

Small Hive Beetle Entrance Trap

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