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November 29, 2021[INQ. NO. 2112C38] Although relatively expensive, the wet tissue produced by Taewoo International uses cross laps, quintuplex purified water, and odor-free preservatives that contain no alcohol, thus giving it a long validity period with no change. In addition, the packaging material is made of OPP film, so it is not torn easily and has a luxurious appearance.
It comes in several versions to meet the different needs of consumers. In particular, the wet tissue for baby is made by using 100% rayon that is absorbable and soft, so being easy to use when changing diapers. The wet tissue for makeup removal, also made by using 100% rayon, contains a special natural solution for women’s make-up removal and change.
In general, a parallel lap is a nonwoven fabric made by squeezing in one direction, so the opposite direction stretches easily, which causes great inconvenience of having to re-spread the dried material to avoid drying up when wiping. Besides, it is not evenly wiped. The cross lap, on the other hand, is a nonwoven fabric made by squeezing in both directions, causing no drying when wiping and is wiped well and evenly.

Wet Tissue

Wet Tissue
Since its establishment in 2009, Taewoo International Inc. has grown into a specialized nonwoven fabric manufacturer. Among many kinds of nonwoven fabrics, the company uses imported spunlace commonly used for wet tissues for domestic production in its manufacturing facility. The company uses hard lap cross laps instead of parallel laps and its products undergo strict quality tests. Its water tissue products have been popular in China and the USA for many years. Since it is soft and wiped easily, it is highly in demand as a baby product. Taewoo International seeks to expand its exports and further become a world-renowned water tissue global brand.

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