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January 17, 2022 Infrared Thermometer
[INQ. NO. 2201C03] The non-contact thermometer Fever365 is a product that can be used quickly and safely since it has a low risk of cross-infection by measuring infrared rays rather than through skin contact or insertion into the ear. It is a high-precision and high-accuracy product with an error range of only 0.2 degrees between 33.4 and 43 degrees. All functions can be operated with one touch.
In addition, it is equipped with a self-developed LCD module instead of an existing ready-made product from China. After the measurement is completed, the level of fever can be intuitively checked through the display with a backlight in green for normal body temperature, yellow for mild fever, and red for high fever.


Skin Infrared Thermometer
The ergonomic design with an optimal angle of 15 degrees and the alarm sound ON/OFF function enable silent measurement when needed, which is very useful for temperature-checks of sleeping infants and toddlers. The temperature measuring time is 0.1 seconds, which is the fastest among thermometers, offering a big difference compared to other products.

Skin Infrared Thermometer
It is the best-selling brand on home shopping channels in Korea in 2021 and has been selected for the 2021 Good Design (GD) award, an excellent product at the Seoul Awards, and an excellent product by Seongnam City for its brand value.

Milk Powder Pot
iro, scheduled to be released soon, is equipped with high usability with a simple and modern design and one-touch operation function.

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