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January 19, 2022 of Commendation from Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
[INQ. NO. 2201C06] EGF Regenerating Skincare Line Ranging from cleansing milk, to foam cleansing, and exfoliating products, as well as ampoule, serum, cream, pack, sunscreen, and BB cream, Dr. Hedison is a highly nutritious Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) products that are rich in nutrients, while containing no harmful ingredients such as paraben.
In particular, its anti-aging items for whitening, elasticity, and moisturizing, are popular not only among customers in Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the Americas, but also in Southeast Asia. Along with EGF Cica Balm, a newly released regenerative ointment cream, it is a best-seller product featuring an attractive product range.

IPIA Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
RX Premium Home Care Line consists of a serum that offers up to 75.44% pore care effect and rich nutrients with tightening and astringent effects, which have been certified through a human body application test for seven-fold pore improvement efficacy, two types of elasticity-enhancing peptides certified through a triple wrinkle improvement human application test, and a cream containing Volufiline (3%).

EGF Regenerating Skincare Line
Based on the demand and feedback from consumers and buyers, the serum was released with a large capacity of 250ml in addition to the existing 50ml product.

RX Premium Home Care Line
IPIA Cosmetic Co., Ltd. is exporting Dr. Hedison to over 30 countries around the world including Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and European nations. The company has obtained CPNP certification, a European standard, for its 30 products, and NMPA, registration of medical devices in China, for one product, while establishing a stronger export marketing infrastructure with additional certifications.
Hedison Head Spa, a hair & scalp care brand newly released in December last year, is also preparing to acquire CPNP certification, following enthusiastic responses from European buyers.

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