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January 19, 2022 of $1 Million Export Tower
Plasma Beauty Device
[INQ. NO. 2201C07] SAY SKIN is a personal beauty care device developed after more than four years of research for the benefit of women with concerns about wrinkles and elasticity. It is an innovative skincare device using micro-current and zirconia ceramic material with plasma as its main component.
Applying patented technology to generate plasma and microcurrent simultaneously, it has been certified through clinical tests for lifting, wrinkles, elasticity, density, and cosmetic absorption. Currently, it is exported to Hong Kong, Japan, and China.


Withnix Co., Ltd.Plasma Beauty Device

Plasma Beauty Device

Plasma Beauty Device

Dish Dryer
Heimchef is equipped with smart high-temperature sterilization and drying functions to automatically detect the surrounding environment including temperature and humidity, featuring the highest number of sales via home shopping channels in the dish dryer sector.

It is the first dish sterilization dryer in the industry to remove 99.9% of norovirus. The Heimchef dish sterilizer and dryer is particularly popular in Southeast Asia, where the temperatures are high and it is very humid, resulting in an exclusive contract with a Vietnamese buyer.

Founded in 2003, Withnix Co., Ltd. has an R&D research center, and has been certified as an excellent small and medium-sized company by Gyeonggi-do provincial government. It has also been certified as a Global Leading Company, a Technical Credit Bureau (TCB), and has acquired certifications such as Inno-Biz and ISO14001. In addition, the company holds a number of domestic patents, designs, and trademark rights for skincare devices and undiluted solutions.

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Commerce Platform

Commerce Platform

[INQ. NO. 2203C06] Market Influence is an influencer commerce platform that connects influencers, consumers, and product providers. To influencers,...

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