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January 28, 2022


Make your plant-based eating tasty, with the essence of Korean food culture

Organic Korean Chili Paste
[INQ. NO. 2201C14] Sempio Yondu features a versatile savory seasoning that brings out the inherent flavor of your ingredients. Natural umami from slowly fermenting and simmering vegetables gives delicate flavor and balance to your dishes.
Add a few teaspoons to your broths, soups, stir-fries or any other recipe that needs a boost of flavor. It is also a great plant-based alternative for bouillon, concentrated stocks, fish sauce or dashi.
Thanks to its clear color and versatile liquid format, it can be added to unlimited recipes at any stage of the cooking process. Use Yondu for veggies or any other healthy dishes that need an umami boost.
Add a few teaspoons Yondu to your broths, soups, stir-fries or any other recipe that needs a boost of flavor. It is also a great plant-based alternative for bouillon, concentrated stocks, fish sauce or dashi.
Non-GMO and organic soybeans are slowly fermented in three stages to bring out savory flavors. This base is blended with the concentrated broth of eight different vegetables to balance and add delicate complexity. Yondu Vegetable Umami is a well-balanced versatile seasoning.
Yondu is a combination of fermented soybeans and concentrated broth from eight vegetables, which contains organic soybean essence such as organic soybean, water, salt, vegetable stock such as onion, white radish, leek, cabbage, carrot, shiitake, ginger, garlic, and yeast extract.

Yondu Vegetable Umami Essence

The Secret of Delicious Savory Flavor
Umami is one of the five basic tastes together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness and saltiness. It is what we commonly known as “savory” and is mainly associated with animal-based products like meat and cheese.
You taste umami when proteins are broken down through the fermentation (or cooking) process. Our unique 3-month slow fermentation of protein-rich soybeans creates a base that we blend with simmered vegetable broth. This combination of flavorful plant ingredients is what creates Yondu’s unique flavor profile.

Yondu Vegetable Umami EssenceSempio Organic Gochujang is an organic fermented red pepper paste with the perfect combination of sweet, savory and spicy. With Sempio Organic Gochujang, it is a quick and easy way to add a spicy Korean flavor to your dishes, giving them an exquisitely distinct touch. You can use it to marinate meat, mixed into stews and used as a hot dipping sauce. The thick consistency and heat level give it a spicy kick that makes your dishes more special and delicious.
This product is a new manifestation of Korean traditional red pepper paste to suit the tastes of people around the world. Based on the unrivaled fermentation technology accumulated over 75 years and the data obtained from the Sempio Jang Project, it offers an increased umami taste of red pepper paste, lower saltiness, and adjusted spiciness to suit the taste of the people in different regions.
Sempio Organic Gochujang can be easily used as a sauce, while going well with various Western-style dishes. In addition, it is produced organically to reflect the consumers’ interest in sustainable and healthy food.
It has received 3-star star accolade at Great Taste Awards 2021, the largest and most trusted food and drink award in the world, which is judged in blind tastings by over 500 demanding palates such as chefs, food writers, retailers and restaurateurs.
The product has been highly evaluated as follows:
“A stunning, creamy, well rounded product. The fermentation adds a strong umami-noted, meaty layer of flavor and interest. The chilli is subtle but brings all the flavors together. Extremely moreish and highly versatile. A great cook’s ingredient and also excellent for dipping.”
“The deep red paste has a rich, savoury mouth-watering aroma. On tasting neat it has a really mouth-filling packed-with-flavour umami-rich character. It is so full of flavour as to give a truly taste-satisfying experience.
This is so delicious even on its own but would be a fabulous addition to any kitchen store cupboard. It has marked intensity and yet is so well blended that you struggle to isolate each ingredient. This is a dream of a product and we loved it!”

Yondu Vegetable Umami Essence
Started in 1994, the Great Taste Awards is a prestigious food and beverage awards held in the United States and Europe, and is recognized as the most authoritative food certification system for food industry workers. This year, over 14,000 products competed, and Sempio Organic Gochujang awarded the grand prize (3 Stars, Exquisite rating), which is awarded to only about 1% of entries.
Sempio Foods Company (herein referred to as Sempio) is a family-owned company that has been mastering the art of plant-based fermentation for three generations.
For over 75 years, Sempio has spearheaded the study and innovation of Korean food culture. Korean cuisine has always been centered around vegetables and plant-based fermentation. The vegetable consumption in Korea is among the highest in the world, for plant-based eating is at the root of Korean culture.
Since 2012, Sempio collaborated with the world-renowned Alícia Culinary Research Foundation (Founded by chef Ferran Adrià) in Spain, to study Korean Jang’s versatility in a variety of food cultures. As a result, some of the best restaurants in the world already use Jang in their kitchen.
Yondu’s excellence drew keen attention people around world.
In particular, it was recognized for its excellence in terms of providing a delicious and healthy cooking experience while meeting the conditions of the “clean label” (Non-GMO, gluten-free, natural fermentation, and non-artificial additives), making Sempio the first Korean food company to win the “New Hope NEXTY Award” in 2018.

Yondu Vegetable Umami Essence
Food retailers and food influencers around the world have shown great interest in the healthy and deep taste of our plant-based Yondu. An official of the Good Food Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes healthy, plant-based eating in the U.S., said that it is a pure vegetable product and yet has the rich, deep taste people want, ensuring that they won’t miss meat any longer.
Barbara Weller, the editor of Food Tries for Sustainable Eating, also said that Yondu is a mysterious sauce that makes every dish taste richer and deeper and helps people to enjoy a healthy and beautiful diet over the long term.

Yondu Vegetable Umami Essence
In September 2021, the company received the Excellence Award in both vegetarian and vegan food categories with Yondu Vegetable Umami Essence at the 2021 Veggie Awards, which selects the best products that help a sustainable lifestyle, followed by awarding in the Great Taste Awards for its innovativeness to be recognized in the global market.
In recognition of his contribution to overseas market development through research on unique fermentation technology and traditional taste, it also awarded the $30 Million Export Tower on the 58th Trade Day, which selects companies that have contributed to overseas market development and export growth every year and awards Export Tower according to their export performance.

Yondu Vegetable Umami Essence
Taking the lead in promoting the value of soybean fermentation, which is the core of Korean culinary culture, to global markets, Sempio was recognized for its contribution to increasing exports and pioneering the global market with sauces including Yondu Vegetable Umami Essence and Sempio Organic Gochujang.
In line with global trends such as health, eco-friendliness, and animal welfare, this product is attracting attention from around the world as a product that is 100% pure vegetable, has a deep meat-like flavor, and can be enjoyed deliciously with vegetable dishes.

Sempio Organic Gochujang
In addition, through joint research with the Alicia Foundation in Spain, the world’s first culinary science research institute, it has been implementing a localization strategy, such as developing recipes for each country’s dietary life. Recently, the company developed Sempio Organic Gochujang to suit the taste of local people based on the data applied to local cuisine and exclusive quality obtained from the Sempio Jang Project.
Sempio established a subsidiary in the USA in 2000 and one in China in 2008, providing a bridgehead for overseas expansion. Since then, it has exported to more than 70 countries, including the United States and Australia, and reached $30 million in 2020, a 17% increase compared to that of 2019.
Sempio is steadily striving for research and innovation in Korean food culture by establishing the first fermentation research institute in Korea and investing about 4% of its annual sales in R&D.
A Sempio official said, “With our 75-year fermentation technology and localization strategy, various products based on fermentation and sauce, which form the basis of our food culture, are captivating the taste buds of people all over the world.” We will strengthen our localization strategy to realize the vision of “Amusing the world with our own taste.”
Sempio is committed to sharing this knowledge with the world, believing vegetable-rich diet is at the center of good food.

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