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February 17, 2022[INQ. NO. 2202C01] Borphyrin, a patented ingredient developed by Serderma in France, is a naturally derived ingredient extracted from Asphodeloides root, which is excellent for restoring skin elasticity.
Smart Recovery Hydrating Toner contains plant extracts such as centella asiatica, green tea, and rosemary leaf, as well as hyaluronic acid complex that is highly effective to improve skin elasticity and moisturize dry skin.
Smart Recovery Firming Serum is a combination of plants such as quinoa seed extract, flaxseed extract, and sunflower seed extract that provides a refreshing feeling to dry and tired skin, helping to make the skin moist, vital, and healthy.
It also contains medicinal fruit ingredients such as pomegranate extract, fig extract, ginkgo extract, and mulberry fruit extract to provide skin moisturizing and soothing effects, and caviar to provide elasticity to the skin.

Skincare Product
Smart Recovery Firming Eye Cream provides rich moisture and sufficient nutrition to the sensitive skin around the eyes to moisturize and provide elasticity and vitality to the skin in that area.
Smart Recovery Cream maximizes moisturizing power with strong moisture-capturing ability by forming a moisture film through a polymer network. Fructan, a polymer polysaccharide derived from natural plants, increases the moisturizing power of the skin with strong moisture retention. In addition, lotus callus culture extract protects and keeps the skin healthy.

Skincare Product

Triple Crown Cordyceps Super Essence Mask contains cordyceps extract providing the mysterious vital energy of wild creatures and plants, as well as major Oriental medicine-derived ingredients including ginseng extract and antler extract, providing nutrition and vitality to tired skin.

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