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February 21, 2022[INQ. NO. 2202C09] Cell +, produced by Purecell Korea Co., Ltd., is an ampoule for skin regeneration. A micro-needle stimulates the dermal layer of the skin finely to quickly advance the 28-day skin regeneration cycle. It is effective in treating freckles, pore shrinkage, blemishes, and for whitening and wrinkle improvement.
TOK + is a wrinkle-care product that is effective for reducing wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and neck in a short time. It represses skin aging, alleviates fine lines, and provides skin elasticity in a short time.
Fill + contains yam root extract, a plant-derived ingredient, to protect the skin. It is a high-nutrition and moisturizing product. Containing mucin extracted from yams, gives the skin elasticity.
Pure Essence provides vitality to the skin and represses free radicals, a cause of aging. It helps to relieve skin’s stress by using vegetable energy cypress, lotus flower, edelweiss, etc., and balances the skin to make makeup last longer.

Purecell Korea Co., Ltd.
Premium Ultra UV Pure Sun Stick is an SPF50 + PA ++++ sunscreen that completely blocks intense ultraviolet rays for a long time. It is convenient to use when playing golf and traveling. Containing Vitamin C-rich broccoli extract to prevent problems, it gives whitening effect and elasticity and has excellent effects on freckles, dark circles, and pigmentation.
Whitening 3-step Mask Pack is a travel mask pack that consists of an ampoule, a mask pack, and a cream. The 1-step Ampoule optimizes skin balance and a highly concentrated, functional ampoule helps skin tone and skin texture quickly. The 2-step Microfiber Sheet perfectly adheres to the skin and delivers the active ingredient of the essence deep into the skin. The 3-step Cream protects the skin barrier and maintains skin moisture with powerful hydrating nutrients.

Purecell Korea Co., Ltd.
All of these products are FDA certified.
Purecell Korea Co., Ltd. produces reliable products using only skin-safe vegetable ingredients. The products of Purecell Korea promote skin regeneration and brighten the skin, and are produced using environmentally friendly methods to protect the environment and nature. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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