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March 18, 2022[INQ. NO. 2203C03] SAENGONG Hand Wash removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as colibacillemia, which is made by using natural surfactants without harmful ingredients such as triclosan, parabens, EDTA, and triethanolamine. With its rich foam gently cleansing the skin, this product has passed the skin irritation test, thus ensuring safe use.
SAENGONG Desiccant safely stores moisture in the air in a liquid state in a container by using calcium chloride as a single ingredient to help prevent bad odors and mold in the house.
Eco Pack enables the easy practice of environmental protection in our daily lives, which consists of a dishwashing detergent using recycled containers, a natural loofah, and a cotton bag.
The dishwashing detergent uses a container made of 50% recycled post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic from discarded plastic or glass to reduce the environmental burden. Certified as an eco-friendly first-class dishwashing detergent by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety by using natural ingredients and baking soda, it can be safely used for washing fruits and vegetables as well as tableware.

Eco-Friendly Household Goods
The natural dishwashing sponge, made of dried Luffa cylindrica M. Roemen (Cucurbitaceae), a plant belonging to the Cucumber family, can completely remove grease with a small amount of detergent without concerning about microplastics, and the cotton bag can be recycled in various ways by replacing plastic bags.

Eco-Friendly Household Goods
., unlike existing rubber gloves, feature modern colors such as beige, gray, deep green, and pastel blue. Made of thick and elastic raw rubber, it has little deformation due to temperature changes, while featuring a soft texture.

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