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April 14, 2022[INQ. NO. 2203C15] MOMCLEAN Sponge is made of various metals including stainless steel AISI434A, 430, 304, brass, and copper. It can be used for an extended period without disruption of original shape thanks to the manufacturer’s exclusive production expertise.
This product is hygienic, dries fast, and does not smell as food waste comes off easily after use. The copper-based product line, featuring antimicrobial action, can be used safely and comes in a variety of customized packaging targeting overseas markets. It effectively removes stains from fans, kitchen utensils, ovens, stoves, tiles, etc.
Designed in a spiral shape, it prevents damage to the hands even if the user does not wear rubber gloves. MOMCLEAN Sponge is available in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors, making it a great choice for consumers in different countries, depending on their tastes, eating habits, and culture. The edges of the woven wipes are ultrasonically bonded without chemical glue and can be used more safely. In addition, it features 99.9% antimicrobial effect, and high elasticity, causing less fatigue even after long hours of work.

Kitchen Sponge
MOMCLEAN Nylon Sponge, containing abrasives in nylon, makes it easy to wipe off stains on kitchen utensils. With high elasticity, it forms abundant bubbles by using a small amount of detergent. Depending on the strength of the wash, it is available in three grades-heavy duty, medium, and light duty. By using special technology, it is free from chemical odor.
Made of natural pulp (3M), MOMCLEAN Cellulose Sponge is an eco-friendly product. Plenty of pores produce abundant bubbles when using it, allowing one to wash by using only a small amount of water. It is especially good for absorbing moisture. It can also be used to wipe off the water after washing dishes.

Kitchen Sponge
MOMCLEAN Melamine Sponge, made of microparticles, can be used just with water without any detergent. This eco-friendly product is particularly suitable for tableware and sinks because it does not have any formaldehyde components. It can be easily cut and used by hand according to the user’s needs. Compressed twice or four times, it features high durability and can be used for an extended period.

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