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April 21, 2022[INQ. NO. 2204C03] 6-in-1 Makeup Tool Set is a new-concept portable makeup set for outings and travel, consisting of a powder brush, makeup sponge, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, and eye dropout. With its brush applying nicely with excellent adsorptive power, it makes the skin smooth and bright.
Dual Brush combines two functions of a brush and has a unique design to express optimal makeup. The Face Dual Brush and Eye Dual Brush are made using the finest artificial hair and designed for beginners to use easily.
HAIRTOPCOAT is a one-day hair makeup product equipped with an essence texture with less dusting, easy washing, and cleanliness. It features a quick and easy magical color change in 60 seconds without hair damage. The color power within the moistening and nutritional ingredients smoothly react with the hair for instant colorization, and the soft fine powder can be washed off with one-time shampoo.
HAIRTOPCOAT is developed for those who worry about hair damage after dyeing, those who do not like the chalk’s powder droppings and spray’s stiffness, those who cannot change their hair colors due to school or workplace, and those who want to change their hair color according to time, place, and occasion.

Makeup Tool Set
LANDWARDKOREA produces convenient make-up and hair designing tools for women’s clean make-up and hair styling by using fine materials using high-end manufacturing processes. All of its products are made in Korea and produced in close cooperation with suppliers. Its package designs are created to break away from mediocrity.

Makeup Tool Set

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