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April 22, 2022[INQ. NO. 2204C04] Shu Ne Ra Natural Herbal Shampoo is made through a harmonious blend of nine herbs ‒ houttuynia cordata extract, fruticose lichen, artemisia herb, mulberry root, Pleuropterus multiflorus TURCZ, licorice, mother chrysanthemum flower, rosemary, perilla frutescens and green tea ‒ thus reducing scalp irritation and managing the hair more healthily.
It contains more than 64% natural components such as houttuynia cordata extract, herbs, plant-derived surfactant, etc., without using coloring, silicon oil, paraben and synthetic fragrance.
Shu Ne Ra Scalp Hair Toner uses extracts of houttuynia cordata, green tea and perilla frutescens, and it is good for: a scalp that can often be greasy despite daily cleansing; a scalp with itching and problems; a scalp that is dry or keratinized; and a scalp that is stimulated by environmental pollution and stress.

Shu Ne Ra Scalp Hair Toner
Using only the extracts without purified water, and without using coloring, silicone oil, paraben, or synthetic fragrances, this product reduces skin irritation.
Shu Ne Ra Scalp Toner contains more than 98% natural components such as boxthorn, sweet flag, shrubby sophora extract, fermented perilla frutescens extract, green tea extract, fermented houttuynia cordata extract, etc.

Shu Ne Ra Natural Herbal Shampoo
Vital Skin Toner feels good to use with the natural lavender scent added. The houttuynia cordata extract moisturizes even the oily skin without stickiness, and the extract of houttuynia cordata, green tea, perilla frutescens and licorice keep the skin more healthy and vivid. This product contains more than 38% natural components such as plant extract, panthenol, purified water, etc.
Using the natural components, KandH produces and sells houttuynia cordata shampoo, houttuynia cordata hair toner, houttuynia cordata skin toner, houttuynia cordata skin lotion, and natural soap, drawing favorable responses from consumers with skin and/or hair problems.

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