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June 17, 2022[INQ. NO. 2205C11] Smart Toilet Embedded Bed is a product with a built-in toilet that allows patients to use the toilet whenever they want to in bed. The patients can easily change the bed to a chair and use the toilet while sitting in an upright position and use a spray nozzle to clean.
As the inside of the toilet is wrapped with a polybag, all you have to do to clean the toilet and dispose of the waste is to just pull the bag out from the bottom. The polybag is made from biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. The patients can be free from bedsore symptoms since they don’t have to wear diapers and the toilet is designed to minimize pressure on the tailbone.
Smart Safety Bath Tub is a safety device that helps caregivers give patients a bath on their own. The caregivers fill the washing basin with warm water and move the patient into the shower bed after putting the bed next to it. The patients can enjoy a safe and comfortable bath when pressing the remote control to lower the shower panels. This medical device helps caregivers bathe patients without difficulty and safely as all they have to do is use the remote control to raise the panels again after completing the shower, wipe the water, and clothe their patients.
Mother’s Hands Inc. makes innovative medical devices that protect patients’ dignity and boost caregivers’ self-esteem. The company’s signature products include beds with built-in toilets, safe shower devices that help caregivers bathe their patients on their own, and wheelchairs with toilet seats that allow the patients to go to the restroom without assistance. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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