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June 19, 2022[INQ. NO. 2205C26] From The Soil is a brand launched in 2022 by environmental artist Yena Lee, who crafts a variety of products using discarded organic waste. Her work is made from organic waste such as macroalgae, which is excessively generated due to global warming, and livestock manure caused by the industrialization of livestock and agriculture.



Such organic waste is disposed of in the same way as landfi ll, incineration, and chemical decomposition. Landfi ll and incineration, however, cause various kinds of environmental pollution, while chemical decomposition or composting treatment has low economic effi ciency.



Unlike conventional methods of disposing of organic wastes, From The Soil activates organic wastes through mixing with soil and appropriate calcination based on data established through intensive R&D. In this way, From The Soil recreates an activated carbon-containing fl owerpot, which can improve the plant-growth environment. For instance, activated carbon can rid the soil of impurities, repel insects, and prevent mold and odors. Its porosity can also prevent root rot. Therefore, the activated carbon features the function of a purifying agent and desiccant, a high nutrient salt content, creating an environment for organic matt er growth, adsorption of impurities in the air, and air purifi cation. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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