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July 17, 2022 Soda
[INQ. NO. 2206C23] Baking soda is an alkaline ingredient that is a 100% natural raw material mainly used for food additives. Also called “magic powder,” it has various functions including deodorizing, neutralizing, foaming, polishing, and softening. It can be safely used for washing dishes, food, and baby products, as well as removing odors, cleaning toilets, bathrooms, and bedding.

REBOW Baking Soda, a certified Food Grade product, is made with 100% food additives to improve the quality of food processing. Metal-alcohol-free and optical-brightenerfree, it is a proven first-class cleaning material as it is capable of not only washing dishes, but also washing fruits and vegetables.
Alkaline baking soda removes acid stains, neutralizes fatty acids, and eliminates unpleasant odors.



Citric Acid
Citric acid is an acidic component contained in lemons and other citrus fruit, which is a 100% natural raw material used in food additives. It is excellent for removing dirt, contamination, and mold.
It is also effective for sterilizing dishes and baby products, and is excellent for removing marks from stainless steel. In addition, when used by spraying it after diluting less than 5% of citric acid in 1L of water for the bathroom or kitchen, it is beneficial for washing and disinfecting window frames, insect screens, showers, toilet and toilet cushions, handles that are likely to gather a lot of dirt, and stainless-steel items in the kitchen.

REBOW Citric Acid has a bacteriostatic effect to suppress the growth of invisible bacteria. It is a safe disinfectant cleaner that can be used easily and conveniently in places where bacteria can grow. Made by fermenting molasses without genetic modification, it is a pure raw material for 100% safe food additives.
The acidic citric acid is excellent in removing alkaline contaminants such as stainless scale and fish odor.



Sodium Percarbonate
Also called “A pure laundry bleach from nature,” sodium percarbonate is an oxygen-based bleach that generates oxygen when coming into contact with water. When diluted with baking soda and citric acid in proper proportion, it can be used for washing and cleaning, ensuring outstanding results.

In particular, baby clothes with a white background color can be washed safely and cleanly with sodium percarbonate.

REBOW Sodium Percarbonate is effective for washing contaminated clothes by generating oxygen when coming into contact with water, and bleaching and removing hydrogen ions from clothes. It can be used for clothes for young children as well as adults as it is free from artificial synthetic ingredients such as fluorescent brighteners and surfactants, which are substances that can cause allergies and atopy. It is more effective when mixed with the above products in a proper proportion, with the bleaching and deodorizing power of baking soda and the fabric-softening effect of citric acid.

Sungshinic Co., Ltd. introduced Korea’s first baking soda detergent and cleaner in 2012 under the slogan, “Wagons turning into automobiles, cookies into cereals, and cookie making soda into a detergent.”

All its products are eco-friendly thanks to the use of natural raw materials and plant-derived ingredients, which consist largely of liquid detergent and powder detergent.

The liquid detergent is fabric softening citric acid water composed of three fragrances – lime, lavender, and geranium ‒ which can be used for various items, from baby clothes to daily laundry. This eco-friendly product is made with only natural and plant-derived ingredients.

The powder detergent is made of 100% natural ingredients, while containing no artificial processing or additional chemical ingredients. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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