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July 17, 2022[INQ. NO. 2206C05] Postbiotics, the 4th-generation lactic acid bacteria, are beneficial substances that are produced in high concentrations in the intestine by live lactic acid bacteria, which are metabolites of lactic acid bacteria resistant to stomach acid, bile acids, and heat. Unlike live lactic acid bacteria, these lactic acid bacteria metabolites are not aff ected by heat or gastric and bile acids.

It does not die in the digestive organs such as the stomach, but rather reaches the intestine intact. Being active ingredients, lactobacillus metabolites act directly in the intestine. Unlike live bacteria requiring a fi xed intake, lactic acid bacteria metabolites do not have a limit on intake amounts. Therefore, it can be safely consumed with up to several times or even tens of times of live lactic acid bacteria.

Founded in 2007, Cheongsol Food Ltd. produces high-quality agricultural products by processing food scientifi cally and hygienically based on the ICT operation system, as well as providing OEM services.

It has established an affi liated research institute and obtained certifi cations by ISO 9002 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems from Korea Quality Assurance (KQA) in April 2020, and acquired the Certifi cate of Main-Biz by Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and Startups in June 2020. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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