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July 28, 2022[INQ. NO. 2207C01] CCU is a unique textile craft equipped with sophisticated artistic textures and colors. Made by using an unrivaled three-dimensional molding method, it has overcome the flatness of pre-existing textiles made using traditional weaving methods.

A variety of thread types and over 2,000 different-colored threads are molded into a dense mass, and then sewn into flat or three-dimensional surfaces.
A variety of textures and abstract color schemes can be applied for each production, thus allowing the creator to bring unique aesthetic and artistic aspects to their crafts, and even to produce limited editions. Woven with polyester thread, this pillow is water washable and does not deform. The reverse side is made of linen.

In addition to pillows, CCU products include textile bowls for table decoration, table mats, tapestry and rugs for wall decoration, and unique handbags, wallets, and ties as fashion accessories.
Design Meem is a company launched in 2010 based on an art studio. The artworks, created by two textile artists who majored in art and design, have been commercialized and they successfully launched two brand names, CCU and MEEM.
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