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July 29, 2022[INQ. NO. 2207C10] Professional Digital Painting Brush is a digital painting brush that paints pictures on capacitive touch screens like Galaxy, iPhone and iPad using conductive hair. As you can draw pictures anytime, anywhere just with a touchable screen and Butouch without having to carry art tools, you can draw pictures without failure whenever inspiration comes to mind.

This product does not need recharging or a battery and can be used by anyone regardless of age or gender. This product is designed for anyone regardless of age or gender to be able to use without repulsion as the conductive hair has been selected, like a general painting brushes, for the head part, which was made of conventional rubber and silicon in the past. The body, made of brass that is outstanding in strength, is sleek and lightweight, so that the product can be designed for young children and elderly people to use for a long time without difficulty.



It can be ideal for anyone. In addition, we did not use any expensive devices as media and manufactured the product so that you can draw pictures anytime, anywhere if you just have the conventional mobile phone and touch screen along with this product.

Though the conventional mobile touch pen is easy to carry and can help you draw pictures regardless of the place, it has such disadvantages as different feeling of use depending on the temperature as it generally adopts rubber material and breakage of drag and stiff feeling of use by the frictional force due to use of the liquid crystal protective film or shield of various materials. In order to compensate for such drawbacks, we have designed a digital painting brush that can be painted like a general painting brush in digital products by adopting a brush hair like a painting brush.

SILSTAR, established in 2016, has developed a digital painting brush for the first time in Korea so that you can draw pictures on all types of touch screen products, such as iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, etc., with various applications. As the existing touchable product used for the mobile products is a silicon product and the inside of the touch tip is a little empty, the phenomenon of getting pushed or broken occurs when dragging. Silicon cannot be used for a long time as it is easily worn out. In addition, when you draw a picture with silicon, there is not enough sense of touch as it is not as smooth as a brush. Therefore, it is inadequate to draw pictures with silicon.
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