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August 16, 2022 Bottle
[INQ. NO. 2208C07] a.kobee is a new innovative baby bottle that allows babies to feed in the upright position with ease for better digestion in mind. Introducing the most advanced materials: purest LVS silicone with less than 0.4% VOCs (Volatile of Organic Compounds).

While the head in an upright position is the best way to be fed, babies are fed in a supine position. This product allows babies to be fed in an upright position for better digestion by making the baby bottle with the safest silicone (VOCs of less than 0.4% guaranteed), setting the bar to the next level.




With its ergonomic grip design, parents can feed their babies with unparalleled comfort. With all of our innovative design and technology, we thrive on making our philosophy simple and clear: smart parenting got easy.

a.kobee has been developed with various engineerings from its base. With the bottle design rooted in fluid dynamics, it has the optimal milk flow, which will benefit the baby in better digestion. Also, the grip rooted in ergonomic finger-interface design will provide the optimal experience for the parents when they are holding the product.



It has a unique nipple design that doesn’t require detaching the nipple silicone from the plastic frame like others. This kind of complication could result in an ill-fitting issue, resulting in a big messy leak and frustration.

It also provides an easy user experience. Grab a.kobee and put the silicone nipple into the bottle, then clamp them to close. You are good to go. Plus, a.kobee’s materials can be used up to 180 degrees C.


a.kobee is a great solution for a baby’s digestion with a reversed design to better digestion, featuring an ergonomic grip design for users like parents and children with the first introduced ultra-pure silicone material with less than 0.4% of VOCs guaranteed. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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