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August 16, 2022[INQ. NO. 2208C57] Timecote is the world’s first innovative fertilizer that softens both inorganic and organic nutrients (fulvic acid). It is a comprehensive plant nutrient for crops that can supply not only macro-elements necessary for crops, but also micro-elements at the same time.

Packaged in various capacities, this product allows both farmers and non-farmers to purchase as much as needed so that it can be easily and conveniently used at home and in the garden, while being also easy to store.

In particular, Timecote Garden Farm Sticks are packaged in 5g sticks, so even non-professionals can supply proper nutrients to crops.



Timecote for flowers is a localized product, unlike expensive foreign-made slow-acting fertilizer for flowers, and is currently provided to flower farms and local governments. Compared to imported slow-acting fertilizers, Timecote is cheaper at half the price, and is alsohighly recognized for its superior quality and effectiveness. This eco-friendly fertilizer minimizes non-point pollution sources in the air, soil, and water by reducing the wastage of lost fertilizer.

Samnong Bio Tech produces a slow-acting fertilizer tailored to crops using nutrient release management treatment. Customized slow-acting fertilizer for crops using NRM maximizes crop productivity and quality by scientifically analyzing the growth environment of crops — such as crops’ physiological characteristics, nutrient absorption characteristics, soil characteristics, and the climatic environment — to ensure nutrient effects during the entire growing period of the crops according to the nutrient absorption characteristics of the crops.
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