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August 16, 2022 Educational Tool
[INQ. NO. 2208C09] BookTraps is a service that allows children aged 5 to 12 to create their own picture books such as diaries, fairy tales, and cartoons using easy-to-use authoring tools. It is also a system that allows children to create their own books by authoring books, sharing the books online, and printing on demand and publishing on demand (POD).

In addition, it helps children to improve their creativity and emotional development, and it also enables them to share and receive feedback on books produced by children around the world. Children can easily author, read, and share books on their own without the help of teachers or parents.



This product provides avatars and emoticons for children to easily create storytelling by positioning avatars in a story like role-playing, configuring them in a conversational format. In particular, the avatar system enables children to create and use avatars such as police officers, firefighters, and doctors by combining images.

Over 70% of BookTraps application users are from overseas, and it was once ranked 119th in the Google Play Store across the world in the category of creativity.

Currently, it is used as an educational tool in Korean language schools in Oregon and Washington, USA, as well as in international schools.

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