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August 16, 2022 Educational Platform
[INQ. NO. 2208C08] Rolling Seeds is a smart game platform designed to play a variety of games by rolling the seed, a coin-shaped UI, into the smart game pod, the main teaching aid connected using RFID technology. The game application can be played on any smart device connected via Bluetooth, in which alphabet and number games are available for a variety of games.

The game is played on the edutech-based Rolling Seeds platform using a simple and intuitive user interface that complies with child safety standards.



It features a high level of participation and flexible accessibility in that anyone of all ages can easily play together on one platform through a simple UI and easy operation.



It also ensures flexibility to freely select and play covering the various options including learning direction, goal, interest, environment, and the number of members. A great variety of games and adjustment of the difficulty level make it easily accessible regardless of the age of the user.



Rolling Seeds Inc. was established in 2020 and developed an edutainment platform and content for children and families, a UX-based edutainment game platform that connects children and families by establishing the design identity based on the main platform of firmly differentiated UX-oriented design.
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