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KF-94 Mask | Korean Products

August 16, 2022[INQ. NO. 2208C32] EG Guard KF 94 Mask is manufactured using 100% Korean raw materials and has acquired various international certifications including CE (EN149), ASTM Level 3, ISO-13485, and FDA Device Class 2. It was also introduced in ‘Special COVID-19 Pandemic,” a documentary produced by Arirang TV in recognition of its superb quality.

EG Guard Surgical Mask has been awarded FDA 510(k) clearance, ASTM Level 3 PASS, ISO-13485, and FDA Device Class 2, and is currently exported to general hospitals in the United States.



EG Guard Antimicrobial Mask has obtained ASTM Level 3, and is currently undergoing preparation for export to Mexico.

Made using high-end Korean fabrics, while the lining is made by Byrin, and the outer fabric by Yuhan-Kimberly; so the EG Guard products are comfortable to wear.

The EG Guard brand is exported to Japanese retailers including ‘SHIMAMURA’ and hospitals in the USA as OEM products, and to local wholesalers in Peru and Canada.

EG & Korea Co., Ltd. started its business in 2014 as a company producing bioproducts and distributing cosmetics, and is currently focusing on the production of disposable masks and cosmetics.

Its flagship mask products include EG Guard KF-94, EG Guard Surgical Mask, and EG Guard Antimicrobial Mask. The main cosmetics brands include Cellbrick and Groyella.

EG & Korea is the only company in Korea that has obtained FDA 510(k), ASTM Level 3, CE, and ISO-13485 certifications.
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