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Wearable Insulin Pump | Korean Products

August 16, 2022 Injection Devices
[INQ. NO. 2208C38] EOPatch is an insulin-management system consisting of three components: a wearable insulin patch pump that can be used for up to 84 hours; the EOPatch controller (ADM or Narsha); and the EOBridge system. EOPatch stores data and shows records of insulin delivery and blood glucose, allowing convenient management of Diabetes Mellitus. The product received the Conformité Européenne (CE) certification in May 2021.

EOPatch is a tubeless, one-time use, disposable insulin patch-pump that supports Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII). It is small enough to hide under the clothing and lightweight (29.4g / 1.04oz), which allows users to stay active. The product is also waterproof (1m under water for 24 hrs.) so it can be worn while showering or swimming. The use-time of 3.5 days enhances the aspect of compliance by allowing users to adopt a consistent replacement cycle on fixed days of the week.



The controller (the user may choose either ADM or Narsha) is used to control and monitor insulin delivery of the EOPatch by communicating with the Patch via Bluetooth. Users can easily deliver basal and bolus insulin using the controller. The ADM is a portable remote controller dedicated to the EOPatch, and Narsha is a mobile application controller that can be installed on a smartphone device. The patient can also view past insulin deliveries, blood glucose records, and other diabetes-related data on the ADM or Narsha.



EOBridge syncs data with the EOPatch controller, allowing the EOPatch user and guardian to view records of insulin delivery, blood glucose, and other diabetes-related data. (Only ADM users can use the EOBridge app because Narsha already provides the same features.) All data recorded in the EOBridge can be stored for up to 90-days. The system can analyze statistical records of diabetes data that can be used for in-depth monitoring. Users can download and print the data in the format of a report (PDF/Excel).

EOFlow Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based wearable-drug, delivery-solution company established in 2011. The company secured innovative actuator technology, which has been considered a technical challenge for wearable drug injectors, by applying ‘low-power, high-performance electroosmosis pump technology’.
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