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September 20, 2022[INQ. NO. 2209C43] MISSLEE Tteokbokki Sauce comes in nine different types, with five different levels of spiciness and different tastes, including Jjajang, curry, and rose. It can be used for not only making tteokbokki, but also for various kinds of Korean cuisine and local dishes from other countries that need spiciness.


The best things about MISSLEE are that: even those who are not expert cooks can cook like professionals; it has a long shelf life (12~14 months); it is easy to carry around; the taste remains consistent; it can be cooked fast and easily; the portions are easily controllable, and you can create your own recipes using a variety of sauces.



It is a sauce powder that does not have the disadvantages of sauce in liquid forms, such as short shelf life and change in taste, which makes it easy for consumers to cook with. And since the entire product line is already seasoned, consumers can simply put in more, or less, water according to their preference.


Rose tteokbokki sauce, the new item for 2022, is about to be released.


MISSLEE Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in producing Korean cooking sauces in powder form and is capable of providing OEM and ODM services as well. It is currently supplying its products to over 1,000 restaurants and more than 10 mid- to large-sized franchises in Korea, and exporting to 18 different countries.


In addition, at a manufacturing facility certified by FSSC22000 and HACCP, the company hygienically produces 30 kinds of products including tteokbokki sauce, all-purpose anchovy broth, bulgogi sauce, and chicken stir-fry sauce. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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