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October 21, 2022[INQ. NO. 2210C30] BOOK+APP(BOOKplusAPP)™ provides an AR Web Platform and a Metaverse for education for Young Children to use Smart Devices and Mobile Applications installed within them to tag images and learn 16 different languages based on English.


Tagme3D Phonics Dictionary Series, which consists of five sticker books and 40 workbooks, involves children using Smart Devices to visualize English words in 3D to spin them 360 degrees, or zoom in and out, to enhance their understanding and perception of objects. It helps young children learn their mother tongue as well as the languages of 16 different nations.



AR TOTO’ 2D Storytelling Scanning Book Series helps learners improve their logical skills, and critical thinking skills, through various stories. Children can acquire such skills by reading about interesting and exciting adventures.



3D AR Kids Mat, is the world’s first augumented reality folder mat for young children made with a combination of phonics textbooks and 3D augumented reality technology.



Tagme3D AR Cards & Video Pen, a set of Augmented Reality flashcards, helps users learn 400 English Words and related sentences in 16 different languages.
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