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October 21, 2022 Towel
[INQ. NO. 2210C46] The skin protects the body through constant cell division and cell differentiation. Newly born cells become the surface, protecting the skin, and dead cells naturally fall offthe skin.


Dead cells block pores and can cause various skin diseases such as acne, blackheads, fine wrinkles, and rough skin, and they also create dull and lifeless skin with pigmentation.



These dead cells need to be removed, but it can be dangerous to scrub sensitive skin too roughly.


Hwangsil Scrub Towel is soft like silk, but the cloud pattern of the thread helps to exfoliate the skin so that it doesn’t hurt.


Hwangsil body scrub towel is made with viscose rayon based on the royal bath method of the Korean traditional dynasty.


This natural fiber towel made from viscose rayon is made by extracting fiber from trees and using a patented weaving method.


The powerful frictional force of cloud pattern fiber ensures soft exfoliating. The cloud-shaped yarn itself has the character of removing dead skin cells. It is as soft as silk, but when it comes in contact with water, it creates friction that is excellent for exfoliation.


A silky, soft, and less irritating Hwangsil scrub towel is really good for those who have not been able to exfoliate due to their sensitive skin including infants, children, and women.
Design, fabrics, and the entire production processes are handmade in Korea which makes the finishing touches meticulous and strong. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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