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October 21, 2022 Learning Content
[INQ. NO. 2210C26] For every child in both English and non-English speaking countries, English education begins with phonics, which refers to a method of learning to read in English.


Modam 4-Step Phonics comes in the order of alphabet sounds, single vowels, diphthongs, and double consonants, and children learning all of the courses will have completed the basic process for reading words.



This learning tool consists of videos, an app, and a textbook. In the video, a Canadian instructor with 10 years of experience teaching at English language kindergartens in Korea teaches children how to read English. Those watching the video solve quizzes in the application and practice what they have learned with the textbook.


Students can watch the videos on YouTube and download the application for free from Play Store or App Store to enjoy content wherever they are.



This makes it easy to learn 4 Step Phonics for free regardless of where the learners are, but many of them want to add a textbook to the list. To that end, LucyMax is currently looking for a local publisher that can publish textbooks. The company is working with Future Intelligence, a local publisher in India, which is publishing and selling textbooks, receiving positive feedback from consumers.


Children can also use animation content available through YouTube videos and the application, just like 4-Step Phonics. Phonics and basic English speaking are the basic courses that are mandatory for children learning English. The company provides its overseas partners with video content on 4-Step Phonics and basic English speaking.


Its main customers include parents, schools, kindergartens, and charities. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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