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October 21, 2022[INQ. NO. 2210C38] NAU-CLEAN has obtained International Green Certification for the product and technology by containing no ozone-depleting substances. This non-conductive, non-corrosive product is used for cleaning dust on 220kV to 10KV high-voltage electrical equipment and electronic equipment, communication equipment, and control panel under 400V. The user can clean all types of electrical equipment during normal operation without turning offthe power.


NAU-CLEAN is a non-conductive insulating cleaning agent that prevents electric sparks, prevents electric fire, and extends the life of the electronic parts. It consists of NS020 (solution) and NA500/NA360 (aerosol) products.



Currently, NAU-CLEAN products are being exported to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Vietnam, China, Ecuador, Morocco, etc.



NAU-Safety Cleaning
When spraying NAU-CLEAN using high-pressure cleaning equipment, it can penetrate deep into the equipment and remove fine dust and other impurities.


The live insulation cleaning technique can be performed safely by an expert engineer wearing personal protection equipment spraying the cleaning agent using a piece of dedicated high-pressure cleaning equipment after accurately diagnosing the target equipment with an IR thermal imaging camera while the line is live.



By using NAU-CLEAN that is non-conducting, non-corrosive and non-oxidative, users can prevent damage to electronic parts. NAU-Safety Cleaning Service (NCS), to which the insulation cleaning technique is applied, can operate while all electrical facilities are operating normally, thus enhancing work efficiency. After the dust is cleaned, the cleaning agent naturally evaporates, leaving no residue. It is a new electronic and electric facility cleaning technique.
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