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October 21, 2022 Portable Electric Mat
[INQ. NO. 2210C23] Pocket Bed can be carried around inside a palm-sized pouch bag. It is an outdoor heating mat that is small, but provides effective heating and is easy to store for camping trips or car sleeping. It is the optimal outdoor heating mat that best meets the needs of outdoor people.


It is a premium portable outdoor electric mat designed for USB 5V and a mobile charger even in situations when there is no electricity, AC 110~220V supply, or DC 12V.



Therefore, it can be used at any time and place, is washable, safe to use as it does not emit any electromagnetic waves, and even has a trendy design.


Selected as the top brand in the customer satisfaction index in the camping category, hosted by the Korea Premium Brand Association in 2021, it is the most popular camping/car sleeping electric heating mat brand in Korea.



Design for Human Co., Ltd. is a company with unrivaled technology that has dedicated as many as 40 years to developing electric mats. The company focuses on developing/producing optimized products by delving into user experience, needs, and the environment in which they are being used, all of which are the most important factors for consumers.


It is a SPA with Korea’s top-notch electric mat technicians and the UX design team who have graduated from Korea’s best design colleges and Hongik University guaranteeing the safety, quality, experience, design, and usability of its products, by managing all processes from R&D to production, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.
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