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November 23, 2022

http://korean-products.com/inquiryAdjustable Motionbed
[INQ. NO. 2211C10] SIESTA has an outer frame wrapped in microfiber aqua suede fabric. With its classy design, it elegantly wraps around the head of the bed and creates an intimate and cozy bedroom atmosphere.

The aqua suede fabric used for this product is not only water-repellent and dye resistant but also blocks bacterial penetration. It is also extremely durable and resistant to external shock. It comes in over 40 different colors tailored to customers’ preferences.

The bed frame sizes consist of basically single, super single, queen, king, and twin.



The memory foam mattress has a high level of density and is viscoelastic. By evenly distributing the weight according to body size, the mattress prevents unnecessary pressure points and comfortably supports the body, molding perfectly with body contours.

After years of intensive R&D, the ideal adjustable bed with a perfect combination of high-density memory foam and HD base foam was introduced. A total of four different types of mattresses are available, according to load capacity and hardness. It has met the criteria for radon safety and hazardous chemical substances and has been certified for not being harmful to the human body and the environment.



The mattress cover, which is also made with eco-friendly Tencel, inhibits bacterial growth and prevents static. Germany’s top motor manufacturer, Okin’s product is used for the motor, which is referred to as the heart of adjustable beds.



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