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November 24, 2022[INQ. NO. 2211C61] Cellucy PDRN Peptide Ampoule is a DNA skin booster that simultaneously solves both DNA damage and moisture deficiency, which are the main causes of skin aging.

The 0.08 micrometer ultra-low molecular DNA replaces the DNA of the skin damaged by aging, fine dust, UV rays, and stress, and promotes turnover. In dermatology, skin booster is injected by an invasive method using injection, but Beauty Master’s Cellucy DNA Skin Booster is absorbed by rubbing it in a non-invasive way.



In particular, it can improve the moisture and nutrition of irritated skin after laser treatment or treatment using a beauty device. In order to replenish the DNA that is damaged every day, it can be used as the first step after washing the face to boost the skin, and the boosted skin can then more easily absorb cosmetics.

Cellucy’s DNA, extracted at a DNA lab, is extracted from salmon that has a base composition of 96%, similar to that of the human body.

Cellucy PDRN Peptide Ampoule contains two patented ingredients for elasticity and wrinkle improvement and five types of peptides for elasticity. Safety has been secured through skin irritation testing, and all ingredients are EWG green grade.

It miraculously restores the skin within just seven days by using Deep Moist D-7 Care technology. Having obtained ISO22716 manufacturing system certification, European CPNP certification, and Seoul award selection, it is currently being exported to Europe.

It is recommended for people who work in dry offices, department stores, and aircraft with air conditioners, when they feel dry during the changing seasons when recovery is slow after dermatology procedures, and when good cosmetics are not working for them.

From early aging skin in the 30s to 40s, to aging skin in the 50s and 60s, it is a skin booster that can be applied with dramatic effects on elasticity improvement, wrinkle improvement, moisture improvement, and pigment improvement.
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