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November 24, 2022 Sticker
[INQ. NO. 2211C71] Glass Deco is a window paint to create stickers with the effect of stained glass through which light is transmitted. Draw an outline on the vinyl according to the design, paint the outline in various colors, and let it dry to complete the window sticker.

Window stickers can be attached and decorated on any kind of glass and mirrors. Users can create their own designs either by using the design in the package or by drawing freely.



It can be used for a variety of interior accessories such as lighting shades, coasters, and picture frames, so it can be widely used as a hobby for adults.

Sundeco is a product to apply Glass Deco more easily and conveniently. It is completed by filling the suncatcher designed with various themes with color and letting it dry.



Even young children, who have difficulty in drawing outlines, can feel a sense of accomplishment by choosing a design they like and filling the mold with paints of various colors. The completed suncatcher can be used to make accessories such as key chains and necklaces by hanging it from a ring, or it can be decorated with mobile by inserting colored thread.

AMOS Corporation released Korea’s first solid glue stick in 1984 and has since been devoted to developing innovative products to enhance children’s creativity and the use of all five senses by simply playing with them.
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