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November 24, 2022 Livestock Monitoring Device
[INQ. NO. 2211C63] FarmPlusCare is a smart ear-tag device that supports livestock health management by monitoring the livestock’s body temperature and activity level in real-time. Using an AI analysis algorithm based on big data, it predicts the cow’s health status, estrus, and birth time, and then sends key information for each individual as a notification message to the farmer’s smartphone.

The FarmPlusCare can measure both body temperature and activity with one device, and the temperature sensor inside the metal pin that penetrates the ears of livestock can accurately measure body temperature with an error range of ±0.5 degrees, excluding the influence of external temperature.



Unlike existing products, it can be attached to cattle under 14 months of age, it is possible to collect data from birth to life, and it is advantageous for early detection and cure of diseases by measuring and analyzing both body temperature and activity in real-time.



Smart Artificial Insemination
DeviceFarmKing is the optimal solution to increase the success rate of artificial insemination because it can connect with a smartphone/tablet to check the entrance to the uterus of livestock, and the location of sperm injection, and share information with a veterinarian in real time through remote monitoring.



According to the instructions of the veterinarian, the farmer can perform artificial insemination on his own, and it is possible to detect diseases early by measuring the body temperature in the vagina during the artificial insemination process. All information is automatically stored in the server connected to the smartphone/tablet, so it is easy to check the livestock history.
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