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November 24, 2022[INQ. NO. 2211C52] Sinwoo Mosaic Tape Kit consists of a set of masking tapes of various textures such as watercolor, oil painting, crayons, holograms, pixels, and fantasy animals, as well as designs that match the characteristics of each tape. It does not require any preparation or special tools, and users can tear the masking tape by hand and attach it to a design to complete their work.

With plenty of tapes and designs, three to four children can work together with one single kit. There are also small packages of watercolor/oil/crayon tapes that are only tape-free and one-person kit products for schools or related organizations.



Sinwoo Collage Sticker Kit is a product inspired by the work of Spanish artist Eva Armerson. It consists of a set of stickers (more than 500-600 pieces) with patterns such as flowers, butterflies, limbs, Hangeul (Korean alphabets), alphabets, cherry blossoms, and drawing designs of matching the character of each sticker.

Users can create wonderful works with rich and colorful feels by filling their designs with stickers. The stickers are made of removable materials that can be easily attached and neatly removed.

Sinwoo Art Play Kit has the advantage of neatness because it does not require cumbersome tools or supplies and the remaining contained materials can be stored in the case.



Choosing colors to match a design, tearing tapes, taking off stickers, and placing them on the design can help develop creativity, and brain exercise.

Sinwoo Retail Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 and distributes and sells masking tapes, a children’s art tool manufactured by Sinwoo Factory, its manufacturing plant in Korea. Sinwoo developed art play kits with which children can create mosaic art using masking tape without tools. All of Sinwoo’s products have been verified for safety by the KC Child Safety Check System. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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