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November 24, 2022[INQ. NO. 2211C66] ELMOLU 1st-Generation Powder Modeling Mask is the first modeling mask used by mixing with water, which has excellent skin soothing and cooling effects. This product is mainly used by professionals.

ELMOLU 2nd-Generation Cream Modeling Mask is the world’s first cream-type modeling mask that does not require water. Compared to the ELMOLU 1st-Generation Powder Modeling Mask, it has a superior skin soothing and cooling effect, as well as an excellent moisturizing effect.

The mask pack alone releases moisture essence for 72 hours, helping to moisturize the skin for a long time when used.



ELMOLU 3rd-Generation Shaking Modeling Mask is a modeling mask designed to simplify the mixing process, which can be used by shaking it lightly. After application, natural vegetable oil essence is released from the mask, which is effective in improving skin oil-water balance and skin tone.

ELMOLU 3.5th-Generation Masterpiece Modeling Sheet Mask is a product that combines the superior functions of a modeling pack with the simplicity of a sheet mask. It provides excellent whitening and lifting effects immediately after use and helps to improve skin texture.

ELMOLU 4th-Generation Hanaro Modeling Mask is the world’s first all-in-one modeling mask developed by using an exclusive technology of SLC Co., Ltd., the No. 1 modeling mask manufacturer in Korea. This peel-off type modeling mask is easily used by applying it to the skin by hand without mixing any components.

Unlike other peel-off masks, it is safe as it contains no PVA, PVP, or ethanol, and contains natural vegetable oil for excellent moisturizing effects. This product offers various effects including skin elasticity and skin tone improvement, pore sebum treatment, and skin acne care which have been proven through clinical trials. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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