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One-Size Socks | Korean Products

November 24, 2022[INQ. NO. 2211C65] Paulfrenz socks have a unique design that sets them apart from other commercial products and is manufactured using patented technology, which allows people with different feet sizes to wear the same size comfortably.

Unlike other children’s socks that come in 11 sizes in the Toddler, Baby, and Kids categories, One Size is composed of three sizes including B-socks for six month to seven year-old children, K-socks for seven-year-old children to adults, F-socks (220mm to 300mm). It has excellent elasticity and resilience and thus can be worn for a long time until a child grows up.

Unlike other products, this product reduces the need to purchase by size for buyers, enabling efficient inventory management; and for consumers, as their children grow up at home, they do not have to constantly purchase new sizes of socks. This results in economic savings and a reduction of clothing waste, providing a positive effect from an environmental point of view.



These socks are mainly made with combed cotton for the safety of infants and young children, the main users. Being made with non-slip, non-toxic PVC and silicone, they are safe for infants and young children whose skin is sensitive.

In addition to KC certification in Korea, it has obtained international certifications such as CPC (USA) and CCC (China) with excellent grades for textile safety.

As its brand awareness rises in Korea while receiving good reviews from customers for its products, Paul Friends is currently available in a variety of offline stores such as Olive Young (about 1,300 branches), ABC Mart (48 branches), and Carry Market (13 branches), as well as online channels including Market Kurly and Shinsegae, and E-Land. It is also expanding to the global markets via Amazon USA and ALAND.

Made using the patented tumble washing technology, it features improved elasticity and increased resilience, while providing a luxurious and soft hand feel. In particular, the excellent resilience of these one-size socks does not cause shrinking of the size, unlike its counterparts, even after washing and using a tumble dry machine.

Paul Frenz was established in 2019, after a patent was registered in 2018 following 15 years of research to try to develop AA, a product that aims to overcome the downside of young children’s socks, which is that they cannot be worn in the same size like adult socks. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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