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December 27, 2022 changing mat
[INQ. NO. 2212C08] NAI-B, a 250g ultralight product, can be spread simply by one hand to change a baby’s diaper. This mat made of non-toxic PVC blocks offcold from the floor by inserting PE foam in the area for a baby to be laid down for the diaper change.

The air fed along by the contour forms a wall at the minimum height to prevent a baby from falling as fail-proof protection. It is easy to feed air either through the mouthpiece or by a hand pump and to store it by folding while available for outdoor use.



Thanks to the characteristics of its material, it is easy to clean offany foreign material with a wet tissue or running water and removes concerns over bacterial reproduction. The waterproof cover contained in the set bears the shape of the NAI-B mascot, the face of Winnie the Pooh and it is easy to hand carry by folding it.

NAI-B diaper changing mat is a safe product that acquired KC certification. NAI-B is exported to the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand, while raising brand awareness with its unique designs and colors.

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