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December 27, 2022 Drink
[INQ. NO. 2212C10] Red Ginseng ChuChu Drink Juice is a children’s drink made of six-year-old red ginseng grown in Korea and 3.5mg of zinc essential for children in their periods of growth.

The bitter taste of red ginseng was reduced by adding two sweet and sour fruit flavors of apple & pear and blueberry & grape so that the children will enjoy this drink. Its double curved design makes it easy to hold in hand. It is a nutritious snack for children that can be easily enjoyed anywhere, anytime. It is currently being exported to Vietnam.


Antibiotic-Free Milk
KONKUK Pure Milk is made purely of the raw milk made from the eco-friendly ranches in Korea that had been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea. The cows are fed water as drinkable as household drinking water and the HACCP-certified feed that contains no antibiotic. The manufacturing process and the ranch were both HACCP-certified. It comes in a 150ml package that is easy to hold, has an ample shelf life of five months and can be stored at room temperature for a long time. It is milk customized for children and many Korean parents regularly buy it.




Crispy Seaweed Sticks & Crispy Spicy Sweet Corn Sticks offers the sweet and savory seaweed stick that combined crunch crackers and fresh seaweed grown in Korea and spicy and light corn stick that harmonizes savory corn and spicy pepper powder grown in Korea.

With its crunchy texture, it is a snack suitable for everyone and goes well with drinks. The snacks does not contain trans fats or genetically modified ingredients, and healthy snack can be enjoyed safely by anyone. It can also be a nice gift for Hallyu (K-Wave) fans thanks to its design that uses traditional Korean patterns and color arrangements. It is currently exported to Vietnam OEM under the name “Lovey Seaweed Stick & Lovey Corn Stick.”
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