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December 27, 2022[INQ. NO. 2112C42] IH Memo Pad is a tear-off sticky note pad that consists of a total of 50 sheets. Its design is registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), and people of all ages can use it easily. It is also a great gift for international friends.

It is also supplied to various companies as promotional material with the client company’s logo, or any design that it prefers can be printed on the inside of the notes.

Promotional Recipe is a book written by the CEO of a promotional material manufacturer based on feedback collected from customers over the years. The book is currently sold at Kyobo Booktore, Yes24, Aladdin, most e-book platforms in Korea, and even overseas bookstores. The author kept the story concise and simple to make it more inviting to readers. It is said that the company is considering exporting not only products, but also the content of this kind.


Beginner’s Ukulele


Beginner’s Ukulele is a book for those learning Ukulele with the basics. The books, which only come in e-Book form, are organized into different parts to not only help readers learn how to play, but also understand the instrument better. The books are intended to be enjoyed without any pressure.


Concept Products


IH Inc. is a company whose goal is to create sticky notes designed with traditional shapes of Korea or traditional Korean socks, and to publicize them around the world. The company is expanding its business, and developing various items taking into account customer feedback and needs. It was also selected this year as a company that will be receiving aid from KOTRA’s export support program and as a result, is actively preparing to export to a number of countries.


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